Stoke Park GC

2019-11-12 17:08

Is there a golf course in the World that has featured in more films that Stoke Park? I would suggest the answer is 'no' This golf course and iconic club house has featured in Hollywood blockbusters Goldfinger, Bridget Jones's Diary, Layer Cake, the list goes on. Today however it would play host to Teeuplo and the leading role would be performed by The Average Golfer.

Renaissance GC

2019-09-01 17:54

I have played several golf courses in recent years whereby the visit is labelled as an experience and in some cases it can be a way of marketing a game of golf for a higher premium.

This years host of the Scottish Open was the infamous Renaissance Club and it offers visitors the chance of a ‘One Time Experience’.

Renaissance Club is a private members club set between Muirfield and Archerfield, some pretty descent neighbours and a lot of competition in the East Lothian region of Scotland, a region which can only be described as a golfing Mecca.

South Lisbon

2019-06-21 13:07

Its fair to say that golf in Portugal is something of a given and there are plenty of regions to choose from but how many of you have travelled south of Lisbon for a game?

Thats exactly what we did and just 30 mins outside of the airport I was introduced to a golf region that was completely new to me and offered up a few surprises.

Like any city centre driving can be a little precarious and Lisbon was no different but very quickly we found ourselves travelling across the engineering success that is the Vasco Da Game bridge which crosses the river Tegus and at 7.6 miles long is one of the longest brides in Europe. The road network is excellent all across this region and in literally 30 minutes we arrived at our first golf destination - Quinto Do Peru Golf Club.

Aberdovey GC

2019-04-18 10:35

In order to qualify as a true traditional links golf course, a certain criteria must be met and it's not all about the golf course. Club history, sea, beach, harbour, charming high street are just a few boxes that need to be ticked to qualify, then and only then can you be considered as a classic links.

Stubart - More than just shoes

2019-04-08 20:03

Stuburt, the British brand dating back to 1860, has a fine reputation for its quality golf footwear. But, Stuburt is also renowned for high quality, affordable apparel and accessories.

Macgregor 2019 Products released

2019-04-08 19:59

MacGregor, one of the oldest and most prestigious brands in the world of golf, continues to set the standard for the production of golfing equipment of the highest quality and best value with its exceptional range of MACTEC products for 2019.

24hr Road trip

2018-12-17 14:31

It's fair to say East Lothian is one of if not my favourite golf region. With that in mind the offer to play two of the areas most renowned courses was just to good to turn down. With a tee time of 11.30 it would require a 5.45am start and a 4 1/2 hour journey to make that first tee on time. Now normally there is only one 5.45 in my day and its not the a.m sort, yes I like my bed and it would take something pretty special to get me up and out at that time on a dark December morning......but this was North Berwick, and off we went.