Castlerock Golf Club


Today we are extremely proud to showcase the recent upgrades carried out to the course over the winter period. The project itself started over a year ago with the idea of consulting with an architect to come up with a bunker project. We had intended improving and reshaping the existing bunkers but after consultation with the designer, Dr Martin Hawtree we felt that only reshaping the bunkers would still leave some weak holes.



In addition to this some of the bunkers would be have to be constructed against the grain of the typical links style to fit in with the landscape, so the plan evolved into an 8 hole project. The concept of the 8 holes was then created in drawings after several consultations with Martin and his team.

We then ultimately engaged with Esie and his team at Sol Construction to bring to life martins vision. Here is a look at Castlerock from the skies, it looks a superb links layout with breathtaking backdrops.



Dr Martin Hawtree has a wealth of knowledge working on some of the iconic links venues from around the world combined with Sol Construction we felt we had the right mix to upgrade Castlerock. The vision along with the 3D fly trough’s were then taken to and EGM for the members to decide in August of 2017. With an overwhelming vote of confidence in the project, we broke ground on the 16th of October 2017. The weather has not been with this project at all, with several days lost to rain / snow and frost but the team carried on and have produced what we feel to be a special product.



From the outset we were initially aiming to do 8 holes in total but as the project progressed this was tailored back to 6 holes for a couple of reasons. Some of the areas of work increased in size dramatically and then we had issues with clay seems that ran across the course, so it was felt eradicating all of these issues and putting all resources into these areas was key for a polished finished product, as such the 3rd hole was dropped from the plan. Work progressed through the winter and as excavation works took place on the 15th which in itself presented a real opportunity for us to sculpt the whole of the 15ht fairway and install new drainage, which would then carry through into the 2nd hole with additional mounding.



This then resulted in the 16th hole project being dropped to focus on the larger areas and closing them in for the start of the season, taking the project to 6holes. Unlike many other projects on a golf course the aim was never to add length to the course, and as a result of the project the total length of the course has come down 25 yards in total. This is due to the reduction in size of the 2nd hole by 41 yards being offset by the small increase of the 13th hole by 16yards.

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