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Formed in 1921, Longniddry Golf Club in East Lothian the cradle of golf, is situated on the south shore of the Firth of Forth, arguably the finest stretch of golfing coastline in Scotland, 18 miles east of Edinburgh. Longniddry is the closest seaside course to Edinburgh.

So make no mistake about it East Lothian is one of my favourite parts of the country for many reasons, the people are very friendly, the scenery is breathtaking, a coastal line that takes your breath away and each village you pass has an endearing charm, but aside from all that, the main attraction in this area is the quality of golf course and the diversity that is on offer.

There is no better example of the diverse offerings than that of Longniddry Golf Club. The course would be described as inland although there are views of the coast line from some aspects of the back nine. For me it would be difficult to pigeon hole the course in terms of its type, I suppose it could be a mix of parkland and heathland with a few links like rolling fairways thrown into the mix. Irrelevant of its type this is a very good quality golf course that offers a change from an area which is heavily populated with classic links tracks.

The course starts with a gentle par 4 to break you in, a note of quality from the start as you peg up in a tee box that is well presented. The second runs parallel  to the first but a slightly tougher prospect, the third was another tough par 4 that starts to ask you questions as the landscape gets all together narrower in terms of the tree line and the well placed and well presented bunkers. The 4th is the first of some really good looking par 3’s at Longniddry. From a slightly elevated tee you are challenged to find a lovely green that has some superb undulation and run offs, run offs that have pretty dangerous bunkers awaiting for those stray shots.

The Par 3 4th hole 

Tee off at the fifth is definitely an iron shot for position onto the angle of this slight dogleg and if you've mastered the tee shot you will have a short iron in your mitts, but beware, get this club selection correct and make sure you find the right tier of this green! I don't think I have ever witnessed such a slope on what would be described as a two tier green, but that may be a slight understatement! From top to bottom there must be a 20’ decline and it is severe, although we managed the correct level which as a matter of interest was on the lower level, we did try a putt from the top tier and we did not fair too well!

The Par 4 5th hole 

The sixth is another nice par 3 from an elevated position and then it is onto a stretch of the course which I found very interesting and a bit of a surprise as too how good this course was. Holes 7 through to 12 are played in amongst heavily mature tree lines, the tall trees are the pine sort that you see a lot of in the area and make for a backdrop that I personally find very attractive on a golf course. They may well be attractive but they are also very imposing and ask you to commit with the driver from the tee as left or right will mean a chip out sideways unless you have some Seve magic in the bag? I loved this part of the course, great layout on each hole.

Your route will then require you cross back over the main road to encounter the remaining holes. There is a small stretch of holes within the finish which it is fair to say are not as interesting as those that precede, that probably says more about the quality of the beginning than being negative about the return for home. You will be offered up some great views of the coast line from the 14th tee which I mentioned earlier.

The 18th green is perfectly placed in front of the overlooking clubhouse which awaits. The clubhouse is full of history and offers you the warm welcome that seems to be a ‘given’ in this neck of the woods. We had just missed the food service as we finished around 8.30pm so it was a quick pint and then off on our travels.

The 18th green in front of the Clubhouse

Longniddry may not be as well known as some of its counterparts in East Lothian but I would recommend it to any golfer who visits the area, it is high quality golf at a very reasonable green fee and for me is the perfect option for a break from the links domination. 

Try it for yourself and book a tee time now, I look forward to reading your feedback I am confident it will be positive! 

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