Golf coach Danny Adams starts to work his magic!


Having painfully sat through my assessment video on many occasions over the past week, I have to say how surprised I was at just how bad my swing looked in the flesh! I have played golf for 25 years and for the past 12-15 yrs managed to maintain a single figure handicap, having watched this video I only had one question on my mind, HOW? I can only assume I have a decent short game! Push,pull, hook, slice I have every shot in the book, oh, that is except for the one that goes straight! This was going to be more painful that I had first imagined, posting my golf swing online was always going to be dangerous, but the past week of banter and extra attention on the first tee are starting to hit home. Its time for Danny Adams to step in and sort out this mess.

I have to say its pretty mind blowing when you struggle for months hacking around making your own observations and swing changes that produce little difference and then along comes an expert in his field who takes one look, gives you one piece of information and suddenly you feel like you've cracked it! If you take a look at the video below you can see on the left how far the club head was travelling outside of my hands halfway through the downswing causing a slice or pull at impact.The video on the right then shows why having a lesson from an expert rather than spending money on a new club is a far better investment. Danny makes one simple swing change that makes an immediate impact. My club head position changes significantly on the downswing and as you can clearly see it is very different at impact. I was striking the ball so much cleaner producing an improved ball flight and a straighter shot. We all know that having the confidence to take aim at a target and send it out there is a nice feeling and although we are only on the range it is producing real positive results.

Now fortunately I am not that naive, Dan has solved a piece of the jigsaw and no doubt that I will have new problems to encounter when we look to make the changes required to build a more reliable swing. All I can say is bring it on Dan, hopefully you can make more useful swing changes in the weeks ahead.

To find out more about Dannys teaching methods you can contact him at http://www.dannyadamsgolf.com

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