Has Danny bitten off more than he can chew?


Let me take a minute to introduce myself, my name is Andy Sullivan and I am a member of the Teeuplo official review team. I have been playing golf for the past 25 years and currently play off a handicap of 7.0, a handicap that is in slow decline!

Like many amateur golfers I am self taught with a number of ‘quick fix’ lessons thrown in along the way. On a few occasions I have started on a period of lessons with the determination to rid my swing of all its bad habits and not unlike many other golfers, after a few weeks I have lost faith in my rehabilitation and fallen off the lesson wagon to return to my old habits. A failure to execute my swing changes immediately meant a loss in faith and instead of persevering with the 50 yard duff shot or the uncomfortable change to my back swing for the long term benefit, I would resort to the preferred method of hitting the ball 250 yards of the tee but having no idea of where it might finish!! I always thought air born and 250 yards is better than a 50 yard scuttle down the fairway….how wrong can you be. Maybe be if I had persevered with my swing changes over the years I would now be hitting the ball 250 yards air born and have a bit of a clue where it was going to finish, who knows??

All is about to change! I have put myself forward as the subject matter to test Danny Adams’s teaching methods; can Danny work his magic and finally put an end to my volatile and unpredictable swing issues? Can he cure my negative thought process when faced with shot choice, or my ‘why me’ attitude when the bad luck begins? Only time will tell and I look forward with nervous anticipation to testing Dan’s skills and patience (the latter tested to the limit) through he 2014 season. You are invited to join in the fun, tune into my weekly blog full of fun, laughter and personal humiliation as a bear my golf swing for all to see, the alternative reason to stay connected to the blog would be to watch and learn from Danny Adams and take some of the hints and tips into your own game.

You can find out more about Danny Adams @ www.dannyadamsgolf.com

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