Poor warm up routine or is my swing is camera shy?


Danny had suggested we meet up at 9am for him to assess the current state of my game, I thought I should start on the right foot and arrive early to warm up, I certainly needed to warm up as I was met with a bitterly cold wind when I steeped out of my car. My current warm up consists of 3-4 swipes of the club into fresh air and then soon bored with that I start to hit balls aimlessly down the range at non specific targets.

Now, I have read on many occasions that this is not the way to practise and you should have a more structured and focused practise regime, however I still take no notice! I have to say that I am a little more apprehensive than I would normally be when having a lesson in the past, I think the thought of my swing being analysed by the general public is adding to the pressure. I continue my warm up routine, more aimless shots into the abyss none of which are very good and in fact I am in a state of nervous embarrassment, I am aware that Danny will arrive shortly and I have not hit one good shot yet, in fact my shots are slicing abnormally wide as I normally hit a cross between a draw and a hook (Ok it’s a hook, but I like the sound of a draw) whatever name I wish to give it, not very good probably best describes. Danny is now walking down the car park towards me, I try to act as though I have not noticed and continue to hit balls nonchalantly, that does not work as following two pretty poor shots I proceed to hit every golfers worst nightmare – a shank!.... So let me get this straight I am about to start a training programme with a coach who is working with elite level golfers and his first view of my swing is a shank!! I’d love to know what Danny was thinking at this moment in time?


One skill a good coach has to develop is man management and good people skills, I have to say that Danny has these in abundance and his relaxed approach puts me at ease very quickly as he explains today’s assessment. Danny asks me to hit a number of iron shots followed by a similar number of shots using the driver, probably about 6/8 of each, Danny videos all shots from all angles. He has soon seen enough and we move to the practise bunker where I demonstrate another ½ dozen or so bunker shots, this is then followed by high/soft pitches, low chip and run, lofted chip and run, 40,50 & 60 yard pitch shots and finally putting. At all times Danny continues to video throughout. During this process Danny does not offer any opinion, is supportive and encouraging and I have to say I am now enjoying the process. We are about 1 hour in and Danny has seen enough, he will now analyse the video data and decide on the training plan for the forthcoming weeks, I cant wait to get started and eager to find out what Danny has planned. Take a quick look at our first review..

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