Short game drilldown


Dan has decided to give me a week or two off any drills regarding my full swing to allow me time to practise and cement those changes. I have a feeling it may take more than a couple of weeks but I can say that I have seen an immediate impact on my ball striking and the consistency of accuracy, coupled with a feeling of being more compact throughout the swing. The changes Dan has made in my full swing mean that I only have one swing thought at address which allows me not to over complicate the process. It has also allowed me to identify a problem on the completion of a poor shot. In the majority of instances my poor shot resulted from my left bicep detaching from my chest on the downswing and bringing the club head in a loop outside of my hands (Clearly visible on the previous video blog), this is a feeling I can now recognise as being incorrect, which in turn allows me to try and immediately address on the next shot eliminating the guesswork.


Dan wanted me to focus on my short game and introduced me to some great practise drills which help focus the mind. It is very easy to practise chipping with no drill, focus or goal which can become mindless and boring. The 'games' Dan introduced to the session set visual targets and goals. Dan also made a point of asking me to focus on a landing area as oppose to the eventual goal - the hole. This again produced better results and focus. Take a look at the video and try some of the routines for yourself, although I think it was a little unfair to put Hunter Mahan and Tiger on as a comparison! For more info on Danny Adams, please contact www.dannyadamsgolf.com

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