Why leave a review?

Its time we all got our heads together, members, visitors, societies now is the time to voice your opinion for the good of the game we love.

If you have an opinion following a round of golf, don’t keep it to yourself, share it with your fellow golfers. Your opinion counts and both your fellow golfers and golf clubs across the UK would welcome your thoughts. 

Whether it be good or bad, if the golf club is not aware of it then they cannot react accordingly. A positive comment can encourage new visitors or add new members, enhancing the reputation of a golf club. By leaving a review you are helping your fellow golfers make informed decisions as to where to play their next round of golf.

Any adverse comments should also be welcomed by the golf club as they have the opportunity to take onboard any criticisms and respond appropriately. Often the people who can make a difference are the last to know and this form of interaction can be of significant mutual benefit.

So don’t waste anymore time and leave a review now….